SAVIOUR GK was developed because we felt that the Goalkeeper Gloves market was out of touch with what Gloves were designed to do.

Goalkeeper Gloves should serve several purposes. The most important of these is to provide the goalkeeper with a tool, or support for their hand.  Many gloves look good, but serve no function, and may even possibly hinder the biomechanics of the hand from function.  

Secondly, the price of Goalkeeper Gloves has staggery increased, without much increased innovation in technology. A Goalkeeper can go through on average between 8-10 pairs of Gloves a season.  With some Goalkeeper Glove Companies charging £120 for a Pair of Gloves. This has now made Goalkeeping a very expensive position.  If a goalkeeper cannot afford to change his gloves regularly, then their performances will suffer, fact. 

Goalkeeper Gloves are a Tool/Utility. They should be built around the mechanics of the hand.

Our CLASSIC Range was developed to work to the mechanics and comfort of the hand. The circular design, as well as FLEXIGRIP® allow for Opposition, and Apposition to take place. This means the glove acts in the same way as the hand, which enables the Goalkeeper to quickly react, and transition from catching and punching. The CLASSIC Range is also very lightweight Goalkeeper Glove, providing a soft latex backhand, so the Glove feels as if is a part of your hand, rather than cumbersome and disconnected.

Both the CLASSIC Range and SPARTAN Collection provide New NEX-GEN™ Latex, a revolutionary Contact Latex that provides the most unbelievable Grip and long-lasting Durability, in all conditions and playing surfaces.

SAVIOUR GK only provide the best, and highest grade latex, because at the end of the day, Goalkeeper Gloves were designed for the Goalkeeper. His responsibility is all about Catching and Saving. We do not see any point in providing latex that is of poorer quality. If a goalkeeper isn’t confident with their Goalkeeper Gloves, then they’re not going to be confident in their ability.

We also made sure that all our Goalkeeper Gloves are reasonably priced.  Since Latex abrades and degrades over time, this means that regularly changing your Gloves will give you the best performances in matches. Since our Goalkeeper Gloves are Durable and Affordable means that buying a new pair of Goalkeeper Gloves won’t leave you out of pocket. You will always get the best glove for the best price.

Get Ready For a New Breed of Goalkeeping


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