Goalkeeper Gloves Size Guide 

Every goalkeeper is unique, so getting the best out of your Goalkeeper Gloves requires it to fit best. All of our Goalie Gloves have an exceptional fit, feel and style, so your only choice is finding the right glove that matches your individuality.

Below is our Goalkeeper Glove Size Guide to help you find a size that will make the difference.

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How To Measure Your Hand For The Perfect Fitting Goalkeeper Gloves

Length: Measure from the bottom of the palm to the top of the middle/third finger.

Width: Measure from one side to the next, and taking into account the widest part of the hand

For even greater precision on fit, check out our Goalkeeper Glove Cut Page to help find the perfect glove for you.

We have a measuring guide on each of our gloves to help find the more accurate and right fitting goalkeeper glove. 

Refer to the table provided to determine the sizing of our gloves. Keep in mind that the information serves as a general guideline. Each glove model, style, and goalkeeper’s hand may exhibit minor variations. Your ideal size will only become apparent once you’ve tried on your first glove. If the fit isn’t to your satisfaction, you can effortlessly exchange it for a different size.

Suggestion: Aim for a glove that fits comfortably without being overly tight or having excessive space. Avoid gloves that press tightly against your fingertips or those with too much extra room, making them feel “loose and unstable.” Overly tight gloves may be prone to tearing, while excessively spacious gloves can negatively impact your confidence.

For extra room: We recommend including an additional 0.25-0.5cm (1/4 – 1/2 inch) to your measurement, which allows for some extra space within your glove.

For an even better Goalkeeper Glove Fit, check out our definitive product details below on each glove range, so that you can find your perfect glove today.


Legacy Range


Our LEGACY Range is a tighter fitting glove and is made to feel like a second skin. We advise going HALF up a size if your standard size is a bit tight.


Titanium Range

  • Fit – Firm
  • Style – Fingersave/Finger Spine
  • Palm – Roll Finger, EVO-POS+, Negative

Our TITANIUM Range Goalkeeper Gloves with FingerLock Technology are our Premium Fingersave Glove, that keep your fingers stiff to prevent finger injuries. We recommend going a size up for a more comfortable fit.


Classic Range

  • Fit – Comfortable
  • Style – Classic
  • Palm – Roll Finger, Flat Palm

Our CLASSIC Range Goalkeeper Gloves are a standard and natural fitting glove, allowing for a very comfortable fit. These fit to a normal standard size.


Spartan Range

  • Fit – Regular
  • Style – Strong
  • Palm – Hybrid, Negative, Roll Finger

Our SPARTAN Range Goalkeeper Gloves are a tighter forming glove. These will fit to the hand slightly firmer than our CLASSIC Range.

Goalkeeper Glove Size Guide: The Significance of Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Selecting the ideal fit for your goalkeeper gloves is crucial for optimal performance, as it ensures increased comfort, confidence, and a more natural connection with the ball. Wearing gloves that are too tight may place excessive stress on the materials, leading to premature wear or even tearing. Conversely, gloves that are too loose might hinder your grip on the ball. Keep in mind that glove fits are subjective; some goalkeepers may prefer extra space, while others might opt for a snugger feel. This is why some keepers choose tighter cuts, like “Negative,” or looser cuts, like “Flat Palm” or “Roll Finger.”

In general, measure your goalkeeper gloves from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. It’s also important to consider the thickness of the glove, as this can add a bit of extra bulk to the measurement. For added precision, we recommend incorporating an additional 0.5cm to your measurement as a precaution, allowing for a bit more room in your glove. For even greater accuracy, utilize our printable glove sizing tool.

If you receive your glove and it doesn’t quite meet your expectations or isn’t the right fit, consult our returns policy for further information.

Supplementary Details

Keep in mind that different styles and designs may vary. Our goalkeeper glove size guide is your best resource for finding the perfect fit. And remember, you can always return them for an exchange in another size, provided they are unused and in their original condition.