Keep Your Goalkeeper Gloves Lasting Longer & Performing Better.

Although all our gloves are built to the best quality, we want to make sure then never let you down in the most important time. You can keep them performing like brand new just by following a few easy steps 

Get the maximum life from your goalkeeper gloves by taking the following steps:

  • Wear the correct sized Goalkeeper gloves. If the glove is too big, the tips of the fingers will abrade quicker. If the glove is too small, the glove will expand and may cause tearing or ripping of the glove.
  • Make sure the latex remains damp. Latex has the best gripping capabilities when it is slightly wet. A dry glove will also deteriorate much more quickly.
  • The best time to clean your gloves are immediately following training or matches. Use either warm water (no greater than 30 °C), or with a specific cleaning solution. 
  • Wear your gloves as you wash them as this will help the glove retain its shape and structure.
  • Squeeze any extra water off using a towel. Do not squeeze too hard, as not to erode the glove.
  • Do Not allow both glove surfaces/palms to touch when they are stored as this will cause the latex to stick, which will cause tearing on the latex when you pull them apart.
  • Do Not scratch or scrape the glove when cleaning. Rather, massage the glove sediment out.
  • Do Not wring out the gloves, rather allow them to dry naturally.
  • DO NOT allow Goalkeeper Gloves to dry on:
  • The Radiator
  • Tumble Dryer
  • In Direct Sunlight
  • Close to or on a Direct Fire
  • Using a Hair Dryer
  • Any surface or conditions with a temperature over 30 °C

To find the correct size, check out our Goalkeeper Glove Size page. For SAVIOUR GK Goalkeeper Gloves check out our SHOP.