In order to improve goalkeeper coaching, and management of goalkeepers in general, is to understand that a Goalkeeper is a power athlete. Goalkeepers must be able to produce a lot of force in a short period of time. Being reactive requires that the nervous system must fire at a high amplitude. Goalkeepers need to be able to accelerate and decelerate, as well as making decision as quickly as possible. Sprinting, jumping, diving, quick lateral movement, change of direction, and even goal kicks require power. The more power that a goalkeeper can generate, the quicker their reaction speed and movement, therefore leading to greater chances of saves being made. The 2 most important energy systems being most used for goalkeeping are the ATP-CP system, and Glycolytic system.  ATP is the dominant energy source, and is used up within 10 seconds of high intensity work. However, goalkeepers also work within the Anaerobic Glycolysis System, being used following 10 seconds of work and up to 2 minutes of high intensity work. Most know it for the burn they feel, which is caused by the production of Lactic Acid. Because the majority of work load for goalkeepers is short and sharp, with demands usually within 2-6 seconds long; their training intensity needs to be high, but at lower repetitions in duration. Typically, the longer the working demands, the shorter the set. On average reps should range from 4-8, with rest of up to 10 seconds between reps, and 2-3 minutes rest between sets. By encouraging goalkeepers to work long repetitions, you develop endurance muscular fibers. These fibers are slow reactive, so as a result you would produce slow goalkeepers. However, that being said, longer sets can help develop a goalkeeper, but only if it is done at much lower intensity. To develop technique, there is no question that sound mechanical models should be endorsed. Exercises that develop this can begin with higher reps, but with much lower intensity. Developing goalkeepers power will make them much more athletic, and competent to performing in their position and overall game. SAVIOUR GK

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