How to find the right pair of Goalkeeper Gloves?

The Goalkeeper is a unique and highly important position, that requires a lot of skill sets in order to be a top performer. All Goalkeepers wear Goalkeeper Gloves, because wearing them offers many more advantages, than just your hands alone.

There are many types of Goalkeeper Gloves which may include different types of palm types and latex’s. Of all the palm cuts available on the market, the most common of these are Flat Palm, Roll Finger, Negative Cut, Hybrid Cut. With regards to latex material on the Goalkeeper Glove, these can include Quartz, Contact, Giga, Soft…etc. All makes and models will give Goalkeeper Gloves different attributes, which equates to comfort and performance. As a Goalkeeper, selecting the right pair of Goalkeeper Gloves is imperative to better performances.

Understand your needs

The first step in selecting what are the best Goalkeeper Gloves that are most suited for you, would be to find out what fit and style best suits you. Selecting from different latex types, glove materials, backhand, colours, we run through the most important features in order to find a Goalkeeper Glove that is right for you.

It’s all about the latex

No matter what level you play at, the latex is the single most important aspect of the glove. That Contact and cushioning between you and the ball is important to the feeling you get when catching. Many glove companies offer a variety of latex’s, each having their own benefits and draw backs. The 2 top latex’s available on Goalkeeper Gloves are Quartz and Contact Latex. Quartz has the highest gripping quality, but abrades quicker. Contact Latex has the great ability to be both Highly adhesive, and more abrasive resistant. SAVIOUR GK only offers these 2 types of Latex because anything other than Quartz or Contact Latex, are inferior in comparison, and not to a small degree.

A Backhand For Support

Just like a skeleton, the backhand makes up the support of the hand. The mechanics in how they work to a Goalkeeper is crucial in developing the appropriate Goalkeeper Glove. The ability for the hand to move, catch and punch, is unique to their position.

Palm Type

SAVIOUR GK provides Biomechanically Sound Goalkeeping Gloves, to help Goalkeepers perform at their best. Each Glove has been designed to how the mechanics of the hand work, with the Goalkeeper’s key attributes and comfort of the in mind.

The Palm Type is as important as selecting the correct latex type, because this will create an important fit around your hand. Identifying between Roll Finger, Flat Palm, Negative cut and Hybrid cut styles, will help you catch better, and increase your performances.

Check out the size

Comfort is the most important priority while wearing gloves. When something wears correct, it will give you confidence. Having a Goalkeeper Glove that is too big or too small, will not give you a true catching feel. To find the correct size check out our Goalkeeper Gloves Size Guide here.

Think about the Weather Conditions, and the field of play

Whether you play in dry or wet conditions, having Goalkeeper Gloves that are designed to provide the best grip in those conditions is imperative. The same is true for surfaces that are hard or soft; in this case durability will be of more importance. All Goalkeeping Gloves offer variations for grip and durability; but finding the best balance of this is essential to performing at your best. No matter what surface or conditions you play in, SAVIOUR Goalkeeping offers NEX-GEN Latex. This is the game changer in Contact Latex. A stable tri-poly PRO-Contact Latex gives you the most unbelievable Grip and long-lasting Durability, in all conditions, and playing surfaces. We have a wide variety of Goalkeeper Gloves to best suited your needs. We use the same Latex in All SPARTAN Range and CLASSIC Range Goalkeeper Gloves.


On average Goalkeepers will go through between 5-15 pairs of Goalkeeper Gloves per year. This is because the more you wear it, the more the latexes decreases its effectiveness as a result of abrasion. Therefore, some top Goalkeepers will change their gloves every 3-4 weeks, to get a constant maximized grip. Over the last few years, Goalkeeper Gloves have become expensive, with some brands charging well over £120 per pair. We at SAVIOUR GK believe that the market has priced out those whom are unable to afford good quality Goalkeeping Gloves. We have therefore developed Goalkeeper Gloves that have all the attributes you need to have the best all-around Goalkeeper Gloves on the market. All our Gloves are Bio-mechanically sound, that work to the function of the hand; have the best gripping latexes; and are Affordable enough to constantly have the best Goalkeeper Gloves.

Make it Yours

Finding the right pair of goalkeeper gloves to match your style, and offering the best durability, and affordability is what SAVIOUR GK is here to offer. We have a wide variety of models in different palm types, colours, and latex grip solutions to meet all your Goalkeeping needs. Check out what’s NEW in our SHOP.

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