Shipping cost

Cost of shipping will depend on a couple of variables . Location, type of shipping, and amount of gloves ordered. These are all calculated in the checkout, If you need a special shipping service please get in touch with us.

Shipping out of the U.K & Taxes

Now that the UK has left the E.U. anyone buying from outside of the U.K. is liable for their country’s import taxes. This is nothing new for people buying from outside of Europe but for all E.U. citizens the following info is really important.

For people in Europe what this means is that you will be charged your country’s import fees when the order is ready for delivery. Each country has their own fees, and you should look into them before placing your order, but they will be roughly 20% – 25% of your order cost. 

For people outside of the E.U. nothing changes – you do not pay any UK taxes (VAT) on our website and you will be liable for your own country’s import tax. These fees will be charged by the courier when your order is ready for delivery. 

We have no control over these costs, and you will need to research these costs on your government website and take them into account when placing the order as the courier will not deliver your order until these are paid. 

When the courier is ready to deliver, they will get in contact for payment, if you then decide that these fees are too much you are well within your right to refuse delivery but these fees do not go away. Your item will then be returned to us, and we will have to pay the fees as well as return shipping costs, extra customs fees (for coming back into the U.K.) and admin fees. Once these fees are paid we will refund your order minus these extra costs. We will not know the exact amount we will be refunding until we have paid all fees and have the order back with us. 

When does my order arrive?

U.K shipping 2-3 Working Days

European Shipping 5-7 Working Days

Rest Of World 7-10 Working Days

(Please note that International orders may take up to 21 working days to be delivered, due to the compliances of customs and delivery processes within that Country.)

What happens when I’m not at home?

The shipping company will try a re-delivery or take it to a local collection point  before it is returned back to Saviour GK

How to cancel my order

If you need to cancel your order, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Update delivery address 

If the Item has been shipped this may not be an option, so please get in touch as soon as possible 

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