The Top 5 Communication Commands Every Goalkeeper Should Master

In the fast-paced and intensely strategic world of soccer, the difference between a team’s triumph and defeat often hinges on effective communication—particularly from the goalkeeper. Occupying a unique position that combines the roles of a player and a tactician, goalkeepers possess the comprehensive view and the authority needed to guide their team through turbulent matches. Mastering the art of communication not only bolsters a goalkeeper’s impact but also solidifies their status as the defensive cornerstone. Here are the Top 5 communication commands, crucial for anyone wondering how to be a better goalkeeper:

1. ‘Keepers’

The command ‘keepers’ is the goalkeeper’s assertive declaration to claim the ball. This shout needs to cut through the cacophony of the match, signaling the goalkeeper’s intent to take control, whether catching or punching the ball away. It’s a fundamental tool in preventing dangerous misunderstandings with defenders and requires absolute certainty in execution. When uttered, it should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the goalkeeper is about to take action.

2. ‘Away’

Uttering ‘away’ sends a clear directive in moments of defensive peril: the ball must be cleared from the danger zone immediately. This command is vital during set pieces or when the penalty area is crowded, directing defenders to focus on safety first. It’s a call to action that prioritizes the team’s security over possession, emphasizing the urgent need to mitigate potential threats.

3. ‘Man On’

This cautionary alert, ‘man on,’ warns teammates of imminent opposition pressure. It’s an indispensable part of a goalkeeper’s vocabulary, enabling them to act as the eyes of their team. By providing these timely warnings, goalkeepers help maintain possession and avoid turnovers in risky areas, showcasing their pivotal role in orchestrating the team’s play from the back.

4. ‘Stand Up’

The command ‘stand up’ is tactical advice aimed at encouraging defenders to maintain their stance and not commit prematurely to challenges. It’s especially crucial in managing attackers who excel in drawing fouls or in navigating through tight spaces. By advising teammates to ‘stand up,’ goalkeepers ensure the defence remains disciplined and difficult to penetrate, thereby controlling the pace and flow of the opponent’s attack.

5. ‘Well Done’

Beyond tactical calls, the emotional and psychological aspects of goalkeeping are captured in the praise, ‘well done.’ This acknowledgment serves as a powerful motivator, reinforcing positive actions and building team spirit. Celebrating successes, no matter how small, fosters a culture of excellence and camaraderie, essential traits for high-performing teams.

Enhancing Your Goalkeeping Skills Through Effective Communication

For aspiring goalkeepers aiming to elevate their game, mastering these communication commands is just the beginning. Effective communication is rooted in confidence, clarity, and consistency—qualities that define great goalkeepers. By effectively employing these commands, goalkeepers can significantly influence their team’s dynamics, making every directive a step towards shared victory.

Incorporating these communication strategies into your gameplay is indispensable for those pondering how to be a better goalkeeper. It transforms goalkeepers into leaders who not only defend their goal but also inspire their team. Remember, the path to goalkeeping excellence is continuous, and every match provides a new opportunity to sharpen your skills and lead by example.


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