We want to welcome Goalkeepers Mindset, who we have partnered with SAVIOUR GK to deliver valuable content regarding the Psychology of Goalkeeping. The Goalkeeper’s Mindset Podcast is a monthly podcast that helps Goalkeepers maximise their performance through mastering their mind. Goalkeeping is the most psychologically demanding position on the pitch and higher demands need to be placed on the mind of the athlete. This podcast will give you insight and advice directly from the Pro’s; teaching you how to manage your mindset and deal with the challenges and adversity goalkeeper’s face in the modern game.

Click on the link below to listen to some podcasts now


Hosted by Keval Patel, owner at KNP Sport Psychologist, working in the field of elite sport. His philosophy is to help athletes of all levels reach their performance goals by upgrading their mindset, by applying advanced psychology to training and competition. He places equal emphasis on the performance and wellbeing to ensure athletes are in peak psychological condition so they can maximise their performances and play with confidence. For more information on Keval Patel at KNP Sport Psychologist click on the link below.


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