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At SAVIOUR GK, we understand that goalkeeper gloves are arguably the most important item of any keeper. Our goal keeping gloves are tailored to not only meet, but surpass their individual needs. 

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During the manufacturing process, we make use of only the highest quality materials in order to enhance your overall performance. We use high-quality latex palms to provide you with the best grip, ensuring that you have complete control of the ball once it is in your hands. This allows you to control the pitch with confidence in your grip ability.

Comfort is one of the most important features of any goalkeeper glove. If your glove doesn’t fit well, or is uncomfortable for your hands, you are significantly less likely to perform your best. Our premium goalkeeper gloves are designed to feel soft on the skin, making use of high quality inner materials and padding to delicately fit around your hand. The comfort of our gloves will allow you to perform during practices and matches, week in, week out. 

Working with some of the top specialists in the industry, we strive for nothing less than the best. Before releasing any product of our own, the product itself must undergo vigorous testing by scientists as well as strength and conditioning coaches to confirm its enhanced performance. We then test the gloves with actual goalkeepers to ensure their performance in real life scenarios. 

Finger protection is absolutely crucial to making those big saves in the heat of the moment. All of our gloves have been designed to assist your ability to stop shots, making use of soft, comfortable cloth lining to guarantee comfort and protection. We have a number of different options to choose from, which will allow you to choose between stiffer and more loose options as well as more pliable fits to allow for greater finger mobility. No matter what your preference is, we will have a glove that meets your expectations.

We take pride in ensuring that every one of our gloves come with a strong backhand. The backhand of the glove is particularly important for cushioning and breathability and significantly impacts punching ability. Our gloves are designed with the best latex foam cushioning, which has been specially mounted on a breathable textile to ensure your hands do not become too sweaty. In addition to enhanced punching ability, the strong backhand of the glove enhances its resistance to wear and tear (something that many goalkeepers know too well). 

As a goalkeeper, the last thing you want is your straps coming loose halfway through a game, especially if you are under pressure. On our glove designs, we offer a wide range of characteristics allowing each keeper to choose their personal preference. The wrist strap characteristics include elastic and non-elastic, as well as half-wrap, full-wrap or double-wrap around the wrist. In addition to this, we also offer innovative gloves that do not make use of a strap.  This wide variance in closure systems means that no matter what goalie gloves you’re looking for, you will find the right strap for your personal preferences.