As a goalkeeper, your gloves are an essential part of your equipment. The right size can make all the difference in your performance on the field. In this goalkeeper gloves size guide blog, we’ll explore the importance of finding the perfect glove size for you and provide tips to help you choose the right pair of goalkeeper gloves.

Find The Perfect Goalkeeper Glove Size Guide Saviour GK 

Find The Perfect Goalkeeper Glove Size Guide Saviour GK

The Impact of Glove Size on Performance

Wearing the correct goalkeeper glove size is crucial for several reasons. First, properly fitting gloves provide optimal grip and control when handling the ball. A glove that is too big may slip or cause you to lose control of the ball, leading to dropped catches or failed saves. On the other hand, a glove that is too small can limit your range of motion and reduce the effectiveness of your saves.

Furthermore, the right glove size ensures proper protection for your hands and fingers. Gloves that fit well help distribute the force of ball impact, reducing the risk of injuries such as finger jams, sprains, or finger extension injuries.

Measuring Your Hands for the Perfect Fit

To find the perfect glove size, you’ll need to measure your hands accurately. Follow these steps for a precise measurement:

  1. Measure the length of your hand: Place a ruler or tape measure at the base of your palm and measure to the tip of your middle finger. Record the measurement in inches or centimetres.
  2. Measure the width of your hand: Wrap a flexible tape measure around the widest part of your hand, just below your knuckles. Be sure to exclude your thumb from the measurement.
  3. Compare your measurements to the size chart: Each glove may have slightly different sizing, so always refer to the specific size chart. Compare your hand measurements to the chart to find the best fit. Check out our Goalkeeper Gloves Size Guide page here for the most comprehensive size guide. Be more Precise and Check out our Goalkeeper Glove Cut Page here.
Saviour Gk Standard Glove Size Guide Chart
Standard Glove Size Guide Chart

Trying on Gloves and Evaluating the Fit

Once you have your measurements and have identified the appropriate size, it’s essential to try on the gloves to ensure a comfortable fit. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the fit of your goalkeeper gloves:

  1. Finger length: Your fingers should reach the end of the glove without feeling cramped. There should be a small gap (about the width of a finger) between your fingertips and the glove’s edge.
  2. Finger width: The glove should fit snugly around your fingers without feeling too tight or restricting movement. You should be able to flex and extend your fingers comfortably.
  3. Wrist closure: The wrist closure should provide support and stability without being too tight or uncomfortable. Test the gloves by making a fist and extending your arm to ensure the closure stays in place during movement.
  4. Overall comfort: The gloves should feel comfortable and secure on your hands. If you experience discomfort, pinching, or excessive pressure, try a different size or style

Our Return Policy page, just in case you need to return your gloves.

The Importance of Breaking in Your New Gloves

Before using your new gloves in a match, it’s essential to break them in to ensure optimal performance. Breaking in your gloves helps the material conform to your hand shape and enhances grip and flexibility. Follow these tips for breaking in your new goalkeeper gloves:

  1. Wear the gloves for short practice sessions: Start by wearing your gloves during light training sessions, gradually increasing the intensity over time. This will help the gloves mould to your hands and ensure a comfortable fit during matches.
  2. Handle the ball with your gloves: Practice catching and throwing the ball with your gloves to improve grip and control. This will also help the glove material to soften and become more flexible.
  1. Avoid unnecessary stretching or pulling: While it’s essential to flex and extend your fingers during the break-in process, avoid overstretching or forcefully pulling the glove material. This can cause damage and reduce the glove’s lifespan.
  2. Store the gloves properly: After each use, clean your gloves with warm water, or use a special latex glove cleaner. Store them in a cool, dry place. This will help maintain the glove’s shape and performance.

Finding the perfect goalkeeper gloves size is crucial for optimal performance and protection on the field. By accurately measuring your hands, trying on gloves, and breaking them in properly, can ensure you get the most comfortable and secure fit. Remember just in case you need help finding the perfect goalkeeper glove, use our size chart and guidelines to find the best glove size for your needs. With the right gloves in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to make game-changing saves and lead your team to victory.

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