Junior Titanium Storm – Roll Finger


Saviour Titanium Storm Junior Roll Finger GoalKeeper Gloves

Saviour Titanium Storm Junior Roll finger Gloves

If you are still searching for the perfect spined goal keeper gloves look no further than out Titanium Range. Saviourgk’s junior Titanium range of  goalkeeper gloves provide the highest quality and performance available for professionals, with a focus on high-end materials and designs that are meant to outperform any other product on the market.

What Makes Our Titanium Gloves Unique?

We invested the best technology into this glove to ensure you get a truly unique glove that is bound to keep your games fun and exciting. It features the use of HARD-CORE  Frame® which is a cutting-edge back hand technology that functions to keep the glove both light and strong. As well as our new NEX-GEN™ super pro Latex a game changing tech, which provides the most unbelievable grip  in all weather conditions, Ortho-Curve®  A pre-curve to the glove allowing your hands to take a natural catching position making you ready to save at any given moment, and finally our Finger-Lock® Finger Protection Technology ensures that the fingers don’t hyper-extend during impact, decreasing your risk of finger extension injuries

Key Highlights

  • High-quality 4mm latex ensures durability for long-lasting performance.
  • Finger-Lock® Technology to prevent hyper-extension injuries.
  • Fixed Spines.
  • Air-Mesh internal interwoven cooling and moisture proof system.
  • Cushioned palm allows for optimal grip in wet conditions and fits your hand.
  • Made from the best materials. The goalkeeping gloves are designed to offer high performance and maximum protection in a lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Roll Finger/Secure/Negative cut works perfectly with this style of glove and is a failsafe option for most goalkeepers as it provides a perfect balance of fit and performance.
  • HARD-CORE® technology which is a Backhand material that offers increased durability and strength while remaining lightweight
  • Ortho-Curve® technology, a pre-curve to the glove allowing you to be ready to catch in an instant.
  • Full-wrap strap system.
  • Easy to carry, lightweight, and can be taken anywhere
  • We don’t just size down our gloves, each model is tweaked for perfect ergonomics

Finger spine disclaimer: Finger spines never guarantee the stoppage of injuries. They only help to decrease the impact of hyperextension to the fingers, while adding minimal protection when punching. We always recommend improving your form and catching without spines as this can be far more beneficial to decreasing injuries and improving performance.



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Product Information

Titanium Storm – Junior Roll Finger GoalKeeper Gloves key features

The Ultimate in fingertip protection with our Finger-Lock® Tech

Our Finger-Lock® Tech can only be found on the titanium range of gloves, it gives you the ultimate durability, strength and finger protection all in one glove. Our Finger-Lock® Finger Protection Technology ensures that the fingers don’t hyper-extend during impact, decreasing your risk of finger extension injuries. To do this we use fixed spines, which means that the gloves always maintain it’s structure, preventing slip and irritation to hand whilst wearing them.


The Titanium Goal keeper Gloves, the grippiest glove on the market. The glovse comes standard with NEX-GEN™ SUPER-PRO Latex, our Gold standard game changing latex, providing you with the most unbelievable gripping properties in all weather conditions. We are so proud of our NEX-GEN latex it can also be found in our Classic Gloves  and our Legacy Gloves

Amazing durability and strength, without compromising weight – HARD-CORE Frame®,

HARD-CORE® is a new type of back hand technology only found on the
Titanium range of gloves. This cutting-edge back hand technology, functions to keep the glove lightweight, durable and strong. The integrated Air-Mesh under-layer provides breathability to the inner layer to keep the glove dry and cool, limiting moisture to accumulate inside the glove.

Advanced Ergonomics, let nothing get by  with our Ortho-Curve® tech

Our gloves are all Bio-Mechanically sound through the use of Ortho-Curve®. This is a  Pre-Curve System that helps keep your hand in a natural, and ergonomic catching position. All of our gloves are Bio-Mechanically sound, meaning that they conform to the natural movements of the hands and fingers, without restriction. This provides you with the most comfortable and reactive hand position, so that quicker transition times can be made from catching to punching.


The adjustable flexi-velcro strap gives you a strong, and secure tight fit to make sure the glove stays naturally secure on your hand.

Junior Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves

Junior Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves are the most popular type of  goalkeeper gloves. This style of palm cut attaches directly to the backhand of the glove, offering a naturally tight feel around the fingers, and providing the largest contact surface area for catching.

Carry case

All of our goal keeper gloves come with a carry case for easy storage and transport, you can upgrade this to the premium bag for extra protection.

Size Guide And Glove Care

Size Guide

It’s always important to make sure you get a correct fitting pair of goalkeeper glove, we have any easy size guide to help you make the correct choice


Glove Care

Our Gloves have been built to last, however some basic maintenance can increase the life span of your gloves, For more information on caring for your classic gloves please click the link below


Weight 200 g

Blue, Blue/Yellow, Yellow

Glove Cut

Fingersave, Roll Finger





Product Details

HARD-CORE® Foam Backhand SUPERPRO NEX-GEN® German Pro-Grade 4mm White Contact Latex Ortho-Curve® Pre-Curve Glove System Bio-Mechanically Natural Fit Evo-Pos+ Roll Finger Cut Goalkeeper Gloves Tight Wrist Compression System Double Stitched Velcro Strap Yellow / Blue


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The perfect glove

A modern classic frame

All of our Goalkeeper Gloves are designed to work with the mechanics of the hand. As technology has improved in manufacturing many companies stay the same. At Saviour we like to Innovate taking the classic Glove design and incorporating all the latest manufacturing techniques to give you the best performing Goalkeeper gloves on the market. 

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The Perfect Fit

All of our Goalkeeper Gloves are designed to work with the mechanics of the hand. We design gloves to perform in the real world.  We make use of only the highest quality materials in order to enhance your overall performance. Style and performance is one of the most important features of any goalkeeper glove. However If your glove doesn’t fit well, or is uncomfortable on your hands, you are less likely to perform your best. Our goalkeeper gloves are designed to conform to your hands, ensuring that each glove fits as it should. 

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