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Saviour Legacy Blaze Junior Evo-Pos GoalKeeper Gloves

It’s time to leave a Legacy. The Future is Here. A New state of the art Goalkeeper Glove that is lightweight, durable and flexible. Using BIO-LiTE® Technology, this is the first of it’s kind on a glove. A Liquid Polymer that absorbs compressive forces, but remains flexible and most importantly lightweight.

Goalkeepers suffer from painful black-and-blue marks due to friction during games, With this in mind, we have created the most innovative goalkeeper glove in the market that will take your game to the next level. Featuring the best Latex NEX-GEN® in the market, this glove will give you the grippiest experience you’ve ever had.

Why Use Our Saviourgk Legacy Blaze Junior Evo-Pos GoalKeeper Gloves?

It isn’t just a mere glove. It is a new state-of-the-art technology that is strong and lightweight. It features a technologically advanced design that will prevent pain and injury. It’s tough on the outside, but soft and comfortable on the inside with breathable neoprene to keep moisture from getting into your gloves.

Key Highlights

  • Grip technology in the palm to help you catch that ball.
  • Flexible back hand, that stiffens on impact
  • Soft and durable neoprene exterior to provide a luxurious feel.
  • Anti-bacterial neoprene for maximum protection from bacteria and sweat.
  • We don’t just size down our gloves, each model is tweaked for perfect ergonomics
  • Anti-bacterial neoprene that helps keep moisture at bay and odour free.
  • A flawless design that provides maximum protection to the palms during high impact

Break Boundaries and create your own Legacy with the most advanced goalkeeper gloves on the market! 


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Product Information

Saviour Legacy Blaze Junior Evo-Pos GoalKeeper GoalKeeper Gloves key features

Cutting Edge Bio-lite® technology

BIO-LiTE® Technology can only be found in our Legacy range of Gloves. This is a new, state of the art impact protection technology that is only used by us. A liquid Polymer is applied to the backhand of the glove, This polymer is light and flexible, however when stress or impact is applied to the material it solidifies dissipating the Energy.

Why is this important?

This technology has been shown to help cushion the forces of impact, therefore limiting the injuries of the goalkeepers hand. It is also extremely lightweight and highly flexible, so it makes the glove very lightweight, and allows your hands to feel completely free. We are one of the first to integrate this technology into a Goalkeeper Glove.


Legacy Goalkeeper Gloves, the grippiest glove on the market. NEX-GEN® is the pinnacle of latex. This type of adhesive latex is the highest rated  latex on the market. NEX-GEN® Latex provides you with the highest gripping capabilities and durability come rain or shine. We only use the highest graded Latex on our gloves.

We are so proud of our NEX-GEN latex it can also be found in our Classic Gloves and our Spartan Gloves

VAPOR-DRY® Neoprene

G4 Neoprene with VAPOR-DRY provides your hand with a comfortable, breathable, and anti-bacterial glove that keep moisture and odour at bay. VAPOR-DRY allows the glove to retain less water and odour, which helps keep the glove lightweight and moisture free.


The expansion of the palm foam merges all the way to the cuff which significantly enlarges the latex-to-ball contact zone for optimised grip. Thanks to the well known Asymmetric Slip-On Cuff with integrated strap this glove offers individual fixation and a super stable hold around the wrist. The glove now features 100% internal seams, a wrapped thumb as well as an extension of the palm towards the backhand on the pinky finger side. This create the tightest and most direct fitting Goalkeeper Glove possible.

Junior Evo-Pos GoalKeeper Gloves

Our Junior EVO-POS goalkeeper gloves, gives you a hybrid palm combination of both a flat and roll finger glove, and adds a negative stitching to the outside of the glove, which provides you with a more comfortable fitting glove, but still fitting like a second skin. This is a highly preferred glove cut for many modern day keepers. With our 4mm SUPER-PRO Latex we provide you with the ultimate balance between durability, cushioning, grip and feel.

Carry case

We want to make sure you get the longest life out of our gloves, this is  Our Legacy range of Gloves come with a Premium Carry Case and matching keyring. So when you are done saving goals you can protect your gloves.

Size Guide And Glove Care

Size Guide

It’s always important to make sure you get a correct fitting pair of goalkeeper glove, we have any easy size guide to help you make the correct choice


Glove Care

Our Gloves have been built to last, however some basic maintenance can increase the life span of your gloves, For more information on caring for your classic gloves please click the link below


Weight 200 g

Orange/Yellow, Yellow

Glove Cut






Product Details

BIO-LiTE® Polymer Backhand
NEX-GEN® Super-Pro 4mm Black Pro Contact Latex
VAPOR-DRY® Neoprene
EVO-POS+ Palm Cut
Slip on cuff with Velcro Strap


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The perfect glove

A modern classic frame

All of our Goalkeeper Gloves are designed to work with the mechanics of the hand. As technology has improved in manufacturing many companies stay the same. At Saviour we like to Innovate taking the classic Glove design and incorporating all the latest manufacturing techniques to give you the best performing Goalkeeper gloves on the market. 

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The Perfect Fit

All of our Goalkeeper Gloves are designed to work with the mechanics of the hand. We design gloves to perform in the real world.  We make use of only the highest quality materials in order to enhance your overall performance. Style and performance is one of the most important features of any goalkeeper glove. However If your glove doesn’t fit well, or is uncomfortable on your hands, you are less likely to perform your best. Our goalkeeper gloves are designed to conform to your hands, ensuring that each glove fits as it should. 

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